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Reciting Blessings and Saying "Amen"
Question received:
I have a question regarding what is written in "The Divine Code," Part 1, Chapter 6 (Serving G-d; Prayer and Grace after Meals), Topic 6:10 on page 101 ff.: It reads "If a miracle occurs for a Gentile and he returns to that place after an interval of a month or more, he may recite: ..." My questions is: Why at least a month? What's special about one month? Why not the following day?

There are a number of blessings in the Jewish liturgy which are said when a person encounters particularly awe-inspiring or emotionally arousing sights. The purpose of this is in part to remind the person to turn his natural reactions of awe and emotion into praise and thanks to G-d, Who is the Creator of whatever we see. These blessings are to be made only when one encounters those sights infrequently, because then a person's natural reaction is more intense. But if the person encounters that sight every day or every week, it becomes commonplace in his eyes and just part of his normal routine, so no "emotional-reaction" blessing of praise to G-d is said. The Jewish Sages, who set forth a liturgy of blessings to G-d, set the dividing time between the two time frames at 30 days. That is a natural time cycle for something to be "new" in our eyes, because the moon becomes "new" again in our eyes every 30 days.

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