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Homosexual "marriage" & relations
I know homosexual realtions is forbidden and that homosexual marriage would really be an oximoron, but I wanted to know, would it be wrong or immoral for a government in any state or country to change the legal definition of marriage to include marriage between same sex couples, thus allowing them to be married under civil law and to have the same rights and benefits as other married couples? This is becoming an increasingly controversial topic, especially where I live in California. The main argument of those who want homosexual "marriage" is that it is a civil rights issue and that by denying it to same sex couples, it is being discriminatory and even hateful, and they compare it to denying interracial marriage, in which a minority is being discriminated against. There are even rabbis in the reform and progressive movements who are furious about marriage being denied to same sex couples and say that it is hate and discrimination. To me, it would seem like society would be condoning immoral behavior. Would this be a dangerous path for a government/society to take?
Daniel2 Wrote:... would it be wrong or immoral for a government in any state or country to change the legal definition of marriage to include marriage between same sex couples, thus allowing them to be married under civil law and to have the same rights and benefits as other married couples? ... Would this be a dangerous path for a government/society to take?

Yes, and Yes. This is cleary an abomination to G-d.
Shalom respectful Rabbis and dr. Schulman,
How someone from a nation of Israel, or from Noahides advised to treat homosexual friends, or couples who are in the same neighborhood, can they be friends? Is it alright to have a normal relationship as friends in society?
Thank you in advance to answering theses questions and helping the noahides Smile
Yes, absolutely true. But what can be said to counter the arguments of those who say that it's cruel and inhuman and a violation of equality for society to deny this? Sometimes these arguments almost sound convincing and can mislead others.
To the above two posts (#3 and #4), I think the following discourse on this subject provides the perspective that should be followed, and the basis for deciding how to respond:

For those who can access and afford the following book, it contains a wealth of information on how to approach SSA (same-sex attraction) as a problem that can be successfully treated and corrected:

"Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change," by A. Goldberg, pub. Red Heifer Press ('08, 600 pgs.),

Also, see the web site of The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. It will provide a lot of insight:

In general, you can interact with a person with respect and friendliness, while at the same time letting it be known to the person that you don't accept any validity in their choice to engage in forbidden behavior, or in their flawed rationalizations for doing so. You can also encourage, or just suggest, for them to visit the above web site.
Regardless of whether a person thinks that he or she has a tendency to SSA (same-sex attraction), physically engaging in any same-sex erotic contact is forbidden by the Noahide Code (furthermore, male homosexual intercourse is a capital sin). A person can certainly obstain from such behavior and be an observant Noahide.

For more information:

Also, please see Post #5 above.
Even after the Messiah King is installed are these prohibitions for all time or will they change? I am concerned because those that object to these relations now are losing in the courts. Is the next new thing legalizing prostitution? The world is certainly up-side down.
The prohibition against homosexual relations is one of the universal and eternal Noahide commandments. The fact that modern Western society is being pushed to consider this behavior as acceptable, and that it is therefore becoming more widespread, G-d forbid, is nothing new (as King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, "There is nothing new under the sun"). This behavior was widespread in the world before before G-d punished mankind with the Flood in the days of Noah. It was legally accepted in the 5-city metropolis of Sodom before that society was destroyed by G-d. It was legally accepted in Egypt before that society was punished with the 10 Plagues, and it was legally accepted among the Canaanites before those nations were removed by G-d's decree and with G-d's miraculous intervention. It was also legally accepted in the Greek Empire before they were defeated by the Romans, and it became legally accepted in the Roman Empire before it was defeated by the Barbarians. None of that is surprising, because in the Torah, G-d explicitly tells us that it is an "abomination" in His eyes. That is not to say that it was the only sin that those societies accepted, but it was certainly a primary symptom of their decadence and general rebellion against G-d.

In regard to prostitution, in recent years that immorality has become legally permitted in many countries, to the detriment of every one of those societies.

Yes, we do live in an "up-side down" physical world, in respect to the way that things are "right-side up" in the Heavenly realm. If you want to be "right-side up" in the judgment of Heaven, you have to be willing to be considered "up-side down" in the judgment of the majority in the physical world.
Thanks for the answers to the above questions. I got to a community college and two of the instructors keep pushing same-sex partnerships and marriage. I am getting fed up with this. Should I write to the chancellor of the college and request the college curriculum include a course on the Seven Noahide Laws. These are paralegal teachers that are doing this.
You should use caution in how you go about raising this valid complaint, because in our day and age, agenda-driven academics like that feel that they have the license to use academic grades as a weapon against students who voice their right to tolerance and respect of traditional sensibilities - especially in classes that are not supposed to be about the promotion of those liberal agendas.

If your community college is a state institution, I recommend that you identify and contact some conservative political representatives in your state or provincial government. Tell them about this problem: that the state-employed instructors are pushing sexual agendas that are unrelated to the proper content for the courses, and that you are afraid of being persecuted if your identity as a dissenter is revealed to the teachers and/or to the administrators. So you are asking your representative in the government to launch an investigation of the instructors, and to make sure that the college has official rules of conduct that forbid this type of behavior, and that the rules should be enforced. This can be monitored through a requirement to periodically distribute anonymous instructor-evaluation forms to the students, that include questions about whether this type of behavior is taking place.

Rather than asking for an official course on the Seven Noahide Commandments at this point, it would be better to start a grass-roots effort. Find some like-minded fellow students, and start getting together for weekly study and discussion groups. This could be several small groups at different times, to accommodate different schedules. Then try to build it up to until you reach at least the minimum number of members needed to make application to be recognized as an official student organization. If that is successful, you can then get funding from the college and bring in speakers and make publicized events. If your valid application is denied, you can bring a lawsuit against the college.

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