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Principles of Noahide Faith
Good day.
I have two questions.

The Seven Laws of Noah are seven categories of laws. Do you hold by one certain enumeration of mitzvot therein?

Are the 13 Principles of Faith to be held by non-Jews in their entirety? For I have also seen a count of 7 for non-Jews.
Both are listed below (I put the 13 Principles in my own wording):
- - -

1. The fact that G-d exists
2. The fact that He is one and unique
3. The fact that He has no body
4. The fact that He is eternal
5. That one may only direct one's prayers to G-d Himself
6. The truth of prophecy
7. The truth of the prophecy of Moses
8. The fact that the entire Torah we now have, both Oral and Written, were given to Moses
9. The eternity and immutability of Torah
10. The fact that G-d knows all of man's deeds and thoughts
11. The reality of reward and punishment
12. The fact that the Messiah will come
13. The fact that there will be a Resurrection of the Dead
(As counted by the Rambam)

1. Faith in the existence of God the Creator
2. Faith in the Oneness of God
3. We should worship only God
4. The verity of prophecy
5. The eternal truth of the Torah
6. Reward and punishment
7. The ultimately good destiny of creation
(Source - Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh)

Thank you.

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