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The One G-d and His relationship with mankind
Since trials and chastisements come from G-d, they are also blessings that give us the opportunity to grow spiritually, and to correct the defects in our behavior and in our personality and our attitudes.

G-d does esteem the righteous. He rewards them for their faith in Him and for their faith in the Truth of His Torah, and for their good and righteous deeds.

He is patient with sinners, but eventually, before or after they leave this physical world, He judges and deals appropriately with their unrepentant sins.
I have a question in regards to the following verse:
Micah 6:8 -- "He has told you, O man, what is good, and what the Lord demands of you; but to do justice, to love loving-kindness, and to walk discreetly with your God."

In regards to this reference to "O man", is this verse directed toward all mankind or just the Jewish people?

thank you.
"what is good" - this is directed toward all mankind, in that it is good for all people to follow these 3 ideals in general - to do justice, to love loving-kindness, and to walk discreetly with G-d;

"what the L-rd *demands* of you" - this is directed toward the Jewish people, as all of the 613 Jewish commandments can be assigned to one of these three categories.
Hello, dear Rabbis!

I have 2 questions, please.

1. Can Noahide serve to God?
2. Do Gentiles have free will?

1. Yes, Noahides can and should serve G-d. The primary Divine service for a Noahide is to observe and learn the Seven Noahide Commandments that G-d commanded in the Torah, and He informed us through Moses our teacher that the descendants of Noah were originally commanded about them. Other important ways for Noahides to serve G-d include prayer, repentance, giving proper charity, and doing acts of goodness and kindness.

2. Yes, Gentiles have free will because their souls have the "image of G-d" in which G-d created human beings. This "image of G-d" is the ability tp know what is good and what is evil in G-d's eyes. Gentiles can receive reward from G-d for choosing to do what is good in G-d's eyes, and they may receive punishment from G-d for choosing to do what is evil in G-d's eyes. When a Noshide does sincere personal repentance, G-d answers by removing the stain of the sin from the person's soul.

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