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answers from paper notes
Please forgive my delay. This is the answer to your question that we received from Rabbi Moshe Weiner in Jerusalem:

You should tell her to refrain from these activities. See in "The Divine Code," Volume 1, pages 244-245, #3-5. There it is explained that it is forbidden. I followed there the Rambam's ruling in his Laws of the Prohibition of Avodah Zorah ("Strange Worship").

sodergard Wrote:Can I do what the notes told me not to do? I did pray to HaShem to show His will through the notes. Can I disobey them?

Yes. You should disregard the outcome of the notes, and instead use your own best judgment, or trusted advice from others, or the principles of the Noahide Code, etc., to come to a decision on what to do or not do.
Rabbi Yitz

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