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answers from paper notes
Hi! Earlier I used to write "yes" and "no" on small pieces of paper, throw them inside my hands and let one fall to the table when I didn't know what to do. I used to pray to HaShem before, praying that HE would let the notes fall like HE wanted. Is that wrong?

Can I do what the notes told me not to do? I did pray to HaShem to show His will through the notes. Can I disobey them?
Please forgive my delay. This is the answer to your question that we received from Rabbi Moshe Weiner in Jerusalem:

You should tell her to refrain from these activities. See in "The Divine Code," Volume 1, pages 244-245, #3-5. There it is explained that it is forbidden. I followed there the Rambam's ruling in his Laws of the Prohibition of Avodah Zorah ("Strange Worship").

sodergard Wrote:Can I do what the notes told me not to do? I did pray to HaShem to show His will through the notes. Can I disobey them?

Yes. You should disregard the outcome of the notes, and instead use your own best judgment, or trusted advice from others, or the principles of the Noahide Code, etc., to come to a decision on what to do or not do.
Rabbi Yitz

Sh'lom dear Dr. Schulman and Academy Rabbis,

"The Divine Code" P. 244 (3) states that "the practice of soothsaying also includes those who throw dice or coins, or draw cards..".
What is the case with dice or cards also used to play with, for wich there's no doubt that someone previously used them for soothsaying? Do such or similar objects (like the paper notes mentioned above) become forbidden to derive benefit from like knive or vessels used for serving an idol mentioned on P.210 (16)?

Best regards and wishes for a good and sweet year spiritually and materially!

Sh'lom Teodor,

Thank you for your good wishes! I forwarded your question to Rabbi Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem, the author of the "The Divine Code" book series, on the details of the Noahide Code. He answered that objects used for soothsaying may be used for allowed purposes, including for deriving benefit from. They aren't in the category of accessories for idol worship.

Sh'lom dear Dr. Schulman and Academy Rabbis,
Thank you for your answer.
What is the law concerning objects which someone acquired as a result of soothsaying, for example if someone transgressed, Heaven forbid, and went to a soothsayer (or even practiced it him/herself) and followed the advise of the soothsayer to buy for him/herself a house or a garment etc. Is he/she nevertheless allowed to use for allowed purposes and derive benefit from this objects afterwards?
Thank you for your time. Best regards
The same thing applies. The objects and their benefits are allowed, but the past action of soothsaying, or following soothsaying, was forbidden and needs to be repented for. And part of this repentance is to acknowledge that whatever one receives is by the will of G-d, and that the soothsaying is forbidden, wrong, and has no inherent power.

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