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Destroying, castrating or spaying animals
On a side note I have a neighbor that goes "coon hunting". He hunts raccoons for sport. I find this activity despicable and have made my sentiments known the few times I have been invited to participate.

Here is how the hunt proceeds. Several men go to the woods and turn their "coon dogs" loose to find the victim of their hunt. Normally the victim, a raccoon, is located in a tree. They use either sticks or a shotgun to knock the raccoon from the tree. Once it hits the ground the dogs attack it. After it is killed the call off their dogs and continue their hunt for another victim. The animal is typically left where it was murdered. It is not consumed by the dogs. Neither is its fur (or anything) used for any other purpose.

If this offends anyone or sickens you (as it does me) the only recourse we have is to attempt to get this viciousness outlawed. That would be a tough thing to accomplish here in Alabama. Hopefully, God willing, the day will come when just courts will see this for what it is.

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