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Destroying, castrating or spaying animals
My parents have two cats at their house that have been in the family for about 12 years. Because of damage to property caused by the cats, and a general unwillingness to continue caring for them, they want the cats out of the house, and there is no one else in the family with the ability to take them.

So I have two questions relating to this situation:

1. Who is considered the owner of the cats and therefore responsible for them? My brother and I are the ones who initially brought them home some 12 years ago, but after we went off to college and began living in places that didn't allow pets, they've been living at that house, and under the care of my parents, for most of their lives. And it is my parents that have to deal with them now since neither my brother nor I are in a position to take them. So who must make the decision about what happens to them?

2. If we are unsuccessful in finding a suitable adopter for them, what are the implications of giving them to the local animal shelter? As I understand it, they don't set specific time limits, but since these cats are older, they will most likely not be adopted and therefore have to be put down once more space is needed for new, younger arrivals. Is it considered cruelty to animals, or "destroying one of G-d's creations wantonly," to leave older, unwanted, but not necessarily sick and dying pets with a shelter, knowing they have a chance of being adopted, but most likely euthanized?

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.


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