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Noahide Declarations
Will you go into more detail on the Jewish Court, the procedures involved, would Chabad be reputable for this, what proof would you have once complete, and who would honor it?
In explanation of this point that was posted above by Rabbi Yitz:

> (This personal acceptance of the Noahide Code can optionally be formalized by making a declaration before a Jewish "court" of three Orthodox Jewish men).

For individuals, some formalistic procedures within Torah Law can be certified (in the context of Torah Law) simply by making a formal statement in the presence of ANY 3 Torah-observant Jewish males who are above the age of "Bar Mitvah" (a minimum of 13 years old). A group of 3 Torah-observant Jewish males who decide to meet and sit together during a weekday for this certification purpose are referred to as a (minimal) type of "Beis Din" (a Jewish "court").

For a Noahide declaration, it is preferred that this "Beis Din" of three Torah-observant Jewish males will include at least one Rabbi or layman who is knowledgeable about the Torah-based Noahide Code, and about the modern Noahide movement. Including more and/or greater Rabbis within the "Beis Din" may add honor and reputability to the individual declaration, but it does not make it any more or less certified within the context of Torah Law.

A Noahide declaration is something completely optional, and a person can fully be a Pious Gentile / Noahide Chassid, with the reward of an eternal place in the World to Come, even without making such a declaration.*

To make a Noahide declaration in the format composed and approved by Rabbi J. Emmanuel Schochet o.b.m., the observant Noahide** meets with such a group of 3 Torah-observant Jewish males, and makes a statement to them that he/she has taken upon him/herself the observance of the Torah's Noahide Code, based on the Torah Law for Noahides that was received by Moses from G-d at Mount Sinai, and transmitted through the Torah Sages and reliable Orthodox Rabbis, who are the Torah-Law authorities for the details of the Noahide Code.

As a matter of Torah Law, there is presently no status of the Biblical "Ger Toshav," ever since the time when the northern 10 Tribes of Israel were exiled by the Babylonians, before the First Holy Temple was destroyed, so no special rights within Torah Law are conferred through a Noahide Declaration in our day and age. It is simply a formality through which a faithful and observant Noahide may wish to certify that he has publicly declared his level of observance of the Noahide Code.

*See "The Divine Code," 4th Ed., by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, p. 45, footnote 14 (this was p. 50, footnote 11, in the 2nd Edition):

**The declaration is valid for a male Noahide (Ben Noach) who is 13 full years or older, and for a female Noahide (Bat Noach) who is 12 full years or older, since those are the respective ages of religious majority. See "The Divine Code," 4th Ed., by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Part I, topic 4:4.
Hi, how does one become an official Noahide? I'm sure it involves studying The Divine Code. What happens afterwards? Does the person go in the Mikvah? Does a Rabbi do a ceremony announcing that Person A has official become a Noahide? Thanks.
Please see the answers in the above posts. To ascend to the level of a Pious Gentile (a Noahide Hassid), one needs to take upon oneself to observe the details of the Torah-based Noahide Code, with the conviction that G-d commanded this through Moses at Mount Sinai. For this, there is no Torah-law requirement for any declaration to a Jewish Court ("beis din"), nor ritual immersion in a mikva pool, nor vows upon a Torah scroll, nor a ceremony officiated by a Rabbi.

For more information, contact the Director of Ask Noah International by email, or through the web page

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