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Reading Kabbalah
sodergard Wrote:Is it good for Noahides to learn about Kabbalah, or is it for Jews only?

Quoting from the explanations in The Divine Code, Part I, in the footnote to topic 5:5 -

As in Talmud, the parts [of Kabbala (the "secret" part of Torah)] that relate to the Noahide Code, e.g. knowledge of the greatness of G-d, His Unity, etc., are permitted [for Noahides to learn about], and are recommended... these parts from Kabbala are explained in later books [those which correctly and clearly explain the original esoteric Kabbala sources]. Studying from original [Kabbala] sources without guidance is impractical [and not recommended].

sodergard Wrote:If we can learn about it, do you know any good web-site about it?

Please see, for example, our web pages listed above in Post #4.

sodergard Wrote:Maybe books that are suitable for Noahides?

For example, see our list of recommended books for "Chassidic Insights," with links, at the location

The second book of Tanya (called The Gate of the Unity and the Faith).

True Existence, by Rabbi Shmuel Schneerson (The Rebbe Maharash), 1869 C.E., pub. Kehot (98 pages)

The Four Worlds, by Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersohn (The Rebbe Rayatz), 1937 C.E., pub. Kehot (94 pages)

sodergard Wrote:I'm very careful about reading about Kabbalah on the internet, because i think there are many web-sites that are not good and not true to the real Kabbalah. If we can read about Kabbalah at all, which web-sites shall we NOT wisit? I think we need to know which are not good so we don't read anything false.

You should avoid "pop-culture kabbalah" web sites, and you should be wary of on-line kabbalah being taught by non-observant and unreliable persons. The correct and understandable explanations of true Kabbalah are provided by Chassidic teachings.

sodergard Wrote:If it is good for a Noahide to study Kabbalah, why is it like that? What is the benefits of it? I think it would be nice to know more about... everything, and about spirituality (i don't know if that is the real word for it). Does it help us to improve our spiritual lives?

The parts of Kabbalah (as explained through Chassidic teachings) that are beneficial for a Noahide to learn are those that relate to the Noahide Code - e.g. parts relating to knowledge of the greatness of G-d, His Unity, His Divine Providence, etc.

sodergard Wrote:And if we shall NOT study it, why? Is it because we would need to know parts of the Torah which we shall not read?

Torah-based Kabbalah is governed by the same principles as Talmud, regarding the parts that a Gentile may learn. For the parts that don't relate to the Noahide Code, for a Noahide it would be delving into Torah just for its own sake, since the Gentile won't learn anything from it that is of practical use for his/her Divine service.

sodergard Wrote:Are there rules for Noahide spiritual life?

See for example the meritorious acts and traditions on the page

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