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Writing B''H or BS"D at the top of a page
Shalom Rabbis and Director Michael-
I notice when you send a note, you put B''H. What does it mean, and when, if ever, is it appropriate for us Noahides to put that on our notes or emails (or which notes)?
Thank you!
If a piece of writing is intended to be kept for at least a short amount of time, there is a firmly established custom to start by writing an acknowledgement of Divine assistance at the top of the page, using a phrase or abbreviation in the language of your choice. Some traditional choices are:

B"H. This is an abbreviation for the Hebrew phrase "Baruch HaShem," which means "Blessed is G-d."

BS"D. This is an abbreviation for the Aramaic phrase "B'Sayata Di'shamaya," which means "With the Help of Heaven."

T.G. This is an abbreviation for the English phrase "Thank G-d."

"By the Grace of G-d" can also be used.

Strictly speaking, this doesn't apply for electronic messages and files, which do not involve writing of actual alphabetical letters, but rather they are only made up electronic bits in a memory file, or transient dots on a screen display. Nevertheless, there is a likelihood or at least a small chance that an electronic document or message will be printed out on a hard-copy page. It also serves as a reminder to the writer at the outset to have in mind G-d, and one's obligations to Him, and it reminds this to the reader as well.

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