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Business Ethics - bidding, competition, etc.
Dear sir,

I got placed as a Business analyst in a company in India. Later I am going to enter the somewhat foggy regions of investment banking or consultancy. Now these areas of employment are, I have heard, not always ethical. I am particularly curious about futures and derivative trading in which I was thinking to apply as a prop trader. These job profiles are based on keeping ahead of the others and competition. It is generally argued that the line between ethics and sins are blurred in these jobs specially when large money or labours are involved.  Individual morality can wither due to the demands of the client.
Professional duty can conflict with company demands.
Please refer these sites to know what I am concerned about:

As a person who comes from a poor state of India, Bihar and is hoping to build his life and career in these financial sectors; my question is, " Is it an appropriate job? Investment banking, prop trading, security trading, speculation?" I am a Baniya from Bihar and have a natural inclination for these jobs. Many of my cousin-brothers are involved in such jobs. I am just starting my career. So, also please give me some tips on succeeding in these jobs while also following the laws and obligations of G-d Almighty.

May He bless us all!


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