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Questions about "The Divine Code"

With peace, blessings and the utmost respect,

It has occurred to me that though I live by and hold by Noahide Law as set down by Rav Moshe Weiner and Ask Noah International in the book "The Divine Code" and through this forum, I am without an inarguable reason for doing so.

Certain aspects of Noahide Law is, even after the publication of "The Divine Code", debated. Those who teach differently than Rav Weiner do so according to their objective understanding of each matter: and many Noahides follow their words.

How is this finally determined?

(Approbations have been given for "The Divine Code". I do not know how this is with others who teach differently. Perhaps the answer lies there.)

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Questions about "The Divine Code" - by Joachim ben Noach - 01-13-2010, 01:56 AM

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