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Questions about "The Divine Code"
(11-17-2017, 02:07 PM)LarryAB Wrote: Michael
You did not mention the establishment of courts. Is the academy going to offer this in the future and does the book cover this as well?

The most recent editions of "The Divine Code" do not include an English translation of Rabbi Moshe Weiner's book in Hebrew, "Sheva Mitzvot HaShem," Vol. 3, Dinim (Establishment of Laws and Courts). We hope that will be ready in English for the next edition. Nevertheless, Parts I-VII of "The Divine Code" that have already been published include relevant information on Noahide Courts and judgments, as they relate to the other 6 Noahide Commandments.

I assume that this will be covered as one of the Noahide Commandments in a future video course from

(11-17-2017, 02:07 PM)LarryAB Wrote: Also, you mention this in an earlier thread.
"Since Torah is unlimited, a person in his lifetime can't aspire to study the word of G-d "completely." For Gentiles, the realm of Torah that relates to their Noahide Code, and is thus permissible for them to study,is so vast that there is no risk of running out of material that's permitted to learn."
I spend a lot of time reading different Rabbis comments on the weekly Parshas. Do you think this a good way or would you recommend something else. Would you recommend a specific way for Noahide to study the Torah?

It's been mentioned in an earlier thread that some people prefer to study Torah from books, and some people prefer to watch lectures. Probably there are some who prefer to listen to audio recordings. Any of those are OK for Noahides, as long as the person understands well about what areas of Torah he is permitted to learn at a straightforward level, and what areas he is permitted to learn in-depth, and what is OK for him to learn on his own, and what needs to be approached with the help and guidance of a qualified teacher. All of that is explained in our book "The Divine Code," Part I, Chapter 5, "Torah Study for Gentiles."

The main focus for Torah study by a Gentile should be to achieve good, and even expert, knowledge and understanding of the Torah Laws of the Noahide Code. Once a Noahide has demonstrated good understanding of the Noahide Code, he can be involved in teaching it to others. He should also be involved in bringing those principles into his daily life, and into his society. Learning the topics that branch off from that, or things that can be learned at a straightforward level to satisfy one's own interest, has secondary importance.

Ask Noah provides a list of recommended books for Noahides in a range of topics. A number of them are posted on the Internet to read or download for free:

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