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Names of G-d in idolatrous texts
I recently discovered a fictional novel in my possession that has idolatrous heresy and even has a reference to an idolatrous website. Would just disposing the book be good enough, or would it be obligatory to destroy the book first in some way to make it unfit to read and then dispose it? For example, if I just throw it in a garbage dumpster, there could be some chance that someone could somehow get a hold of it, and if they read it, they could be influenced by it, which wouldn't have happened had I damaged it first before throwing it out. It would be very unlikely that this would happen after throwing it in the garbage, but not impossible. Basically, I guess the question could also apply to an idol or forbidden image or other accesories to idol worship. If one gains possession of it and just wants to get rid of it if, would it be obligatory to nullify or destroy it first, if it isn't already, and then dispose it, or would it be ok to dispose it in its complete form without nullifying it or destroying it? Also, if a book like the one I found contains any other information related to Judaism and the Torah, regardless of what it is, it is still ok to destroy it, as long as it doesn't have any of the names of G-d written in Hebrew letters, is this correct? What if it has any of the names of G-d in Hebrew transliterated in English or any other language, for example, Elokim spelled correctly or YK + VK written the right way or any other incorrectly transliterated versions of the Tetragrammaton?

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