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Noah's ark
Noah was told to gather the additional pairs of the "pure" animals and birds into the ark. When he left the ark, he was told by G-d that he and his descendents were permitted to take any creatures for food. Noah learned from this that G-d desired that any subsequent sacrificial offerings should be brought from the "pure" species. Additional pairs of these species were gathered into the ark, because their numbers would be depleted by the sacrifices Noah would offer when he left the ark.

Noah was given no restrictions on the types of animals he could eat. The designation of "pure" means that these were the animals and birds that were destined for the future to be allowed for consumption by the Jewish people (i.e., "kosher"). These verses therefore inform us that Noah learned Torah, G-d's "blueprint" for the creation, for otherwise he would not have known which animals and birds were destined to be designated as kosher.

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