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"The Divine Code": The Guide to Observing the Noahide Code
amenyahu Wrote:1. How do I study the Divine Code? So far, I've just been reading it page by page. Amazingly enough, some of it sticks in my head. But I'm just reading it. How do I study it, especially when I don't have a "study buddy"?
Here is a suggestion for 4 levels of study.

Level 1 study: Reading it through page by page, for the sake of learning and understanding the details and the basic principles of the Noahide Code. If you get stuck on anything you don't understand, you can send your question to the appropriate section of this forum, or you can send a private forum message, or a message to my email address that's listed on the web site.

Level 2 study (most important): Reading it through, and carefully noting everything that relates in a practical way to guidelines for your own personal behavior. With this information, you can work to correct any of your own behaviors that are in violation of the Noahide Code, and repent for any deeds or speech (or even bad thoughts) that were in violation of specifics or general principles of the Noahide Code.

Level 3 study: Looking up at least the basic source references to get more depth of learning. Note that the entire Hebrew Bible, with the explanations by Rashi, is on-line (translated into English) in the Library section of (under Classic Texts), as is the Mishneh Torah by Maimonides (Rambam).

Level 4 study: Get a family member or a friend interested in reading the book, and you can join together as study partners. or get together a local study group for regular study sessions. You might try to locate a knowledgeable local person to teach a regular class, and we can assist you with that process.

amenyahu Wrote:2. I've also been going through the weekly Torah reading, week by week. How do I study that? I know I'm limited in how deep I can go, but right now I'm just reading it weekly.
As an observant Noahide, you can study these readings along with the explanations by Rashi, or along with a collection of classical explanations, such as you will find in the Stone Edition "Chumash" (Five Books of Moses) that is published by Artscroll.

amenyahu Wrote:3. If "The Divine Code" is authoritative, and it only goes through the fundamentals, idolatry, blasphemy and eating the limb of a living animal, then what should a person study about the other laws? What is authoritative there? "The Path of the Righteous Gentile"?
The additional Noahide precepts for the prohibitions of murder and injury, theft, and forbidden relations will be published soon in the next edition of "The Divine Code," so please watch for our announcement of its publication. Until then, you can stay current with posted questions and answers within those topics in this forum, and those chapters within "The Path of the Righteous Gentile" can be read as well. Points of information regarding "Courts of Law" are included throughout all of the sections in "The Divine Code," and another volume with chapters on that general subject is in the works.

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