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Eating meat that was not removed from a living animal
Re: Shops, butchers, and forbidden meat

According to "The Divine Code", Part IV, Topic 6:8, A Gentile does not have a prohibition in cases of doubt.

Now just so that I understand this clearly, and to ask a question:

The shops and the butchers around me ... I have no clue whether their meat is not forbidden. Sometimes I get meat from a Halal shop, but mostly I get my chicken and turkey from Sainsbury's or Tesco or Asda (UK stores). Is the fact that I don't know where the meat came from "doubt"? Or is it something I'm meant to investigate?

If I go to a place I've never been to before, should I even consider buying their meat if I have no clue where it's from? Is that "doubt"? Should I assume they are likely to have made sure the animal is dead before cutting off flesh? Or is it best to be vegetarian until I know something?

Thanks for whatever advice you can give.

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