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Eating meat that was not removed from a living animal
In "The Divine Code", Part IV, one should study topics 6:8-10 carefully, with the footnotes and editor's notes, so the condition for meat being permitted to Gentiles because of doubt is well understood. The doubt which provides a Gentile with permission to eat meat is in regard to whether or not he/she will certainly be eating meat that was removed from an animal before it died.

Government regulations on animal slaughter in the U.S. and the U.K. are summarized on this web page:

It reports that:
"The UK is governed under both Its own laws and EU law regarding slaughter. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is the main governing body responsible for slaughter in the UK.
 1. Stunning; the Animal is 'stunned' – rendering it unconscious
 *2. Killing; the animal either has its throat cut or has a chest stick (cutting close to the heart) both where
      main veins and/or arteries are cut and allowed to bleed causing death by Exsanguination.
In the United Kingdom the methods of slaughter are largely the same as those used in the United States with some differences. The use [in the UK] of captive bolt equipment and electrical stunning are approved methods of stunning sheep, goats, cattle and calves for consumption[3] - with the use of gas reserved for swine.[4] Free bullet slaughter is not an accepted method in the United Kingdom if the animal is intended for consumption."

See for more information. *For UK slaughterhouses that follow these government regulations, especially #2 above, there will be very little chance than any given piece of livestock meat in the commercial food supply will have been cut from the animal before its heart stopped beating - in which case all of that meat is permitted for consumption by Gentiles.

In the UK as in the US, it is not so clear that the regulations for slaughter of poultry will ensure for all the bird-processing methods that the stunned bird is heart-dead before the butchering begins. See the following information:

The following is an article that addresses issues of "[in]humane slaughter" of poultry; but from the point of view of forbidden meat, it has to be read objectively in terms of the probability that the bird will be heart-dead when commercial meat is removed:

If the poultry slaughterhouse does indeed employ Neck Cutting and bleed-out before butchering, then the probability of any of the commercial poultry meat being forbidden for Gentiles is small, and it is therefore permitted.

Note this following informative source:,RJeff.pdf

 From the data, we see that in the late '80s and the '90s, the methods in the EU and UK allowed for a longer time until the death of stunned and bleeding-out poultry, compared to the US. Hopefully the situation has improved by now.

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