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Promoting observance with positive efforts
Visitor R.M. to the web site Wrote:What do you do about people who don't keep the laws?
There are a few ways that this problem can be addressed in the present time:

1. Torah-faithful individuals and organizations, both Jewish and Noahide, have an obligation to do outreach to Gentiles to educate them about the Seven Noahide Commandments. Through education, and sincere and open communications, more people are going to learn about what these commandments are, and more people will start to observe them. People should be told why (spiritually, morally and intellectually) these commandments should be observed, and what the rewards are (both spiritually and in practical, physical ways) for individuals and societies who keep them.

2. Modern nations have secular civil and criminal codes of law, and a system of courts and law enforcement. These secular laws always include at least a few of the Noahide laws, at least to some extent. For example, it is common to have laws against murder, injury, theft, extortion, rape, incest, cruelty to animals, bribery and perjury. So more and more citizens of each country should invest efforts to ensure that those existing laws which relate to the Noahide Commandments are strenghtened and enforced within the secular court systems.

3. When the Messianic redemption occurs, all the nations will start to keep the Seven Noahide Commandments. To help accomplish this sooner, each person should increase in deeds of goodness and kindness, while observing these commandments, repenting for past transgressions, and expending more effort to learn about the details of these precepts and teach them to others. At this critical time, every second counts!

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