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Promoting observance with positive efforts
People have freedom of choice. If a person chooses to violate the Law of the Land, by murdering, raping, robbing, etc., that person runs the risk of being arrested, put on trial, and receiving some sort of punishment within that country's secular legal system.

Of course those types of activities are destructive to the society. The people of the society have an obligation to at least make sure that society-destroying activities are made illegal, and that those laws are effectively enforced. Otherwise, the society will disintegrate, G-d forbid, as many societies have in the past, throughout history. To avoid societal disintegration, people need to properly educate and train the children so they won't engage in society-destroying activities. It is easy to figure out logically if an activity is destructive to society, even if it's not considered illegal within the secular law due to liberal attitudes.

The Noahide faith itself is the most appealing faith for Gentiles, because it is the True faith, and G-d created the human intellect with the character that it is naturally attracted to the truth. Those people who are educated about the Torah's Noahide Commandments, but they nevertheless reject them, are passing up the opportunity G-d is giving them to be Pious Gentiles, and all the Divine attention and reward that goes along with that. So ultimately, until a person harms someone else and/or violates some law of the land, his rejection of G-d's commandments is between him and G-d. But we have to do our part to educate and encourage everyone about this truth and this opportunity, so everyone will have the option to choose the right path.

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