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Promoting observance with positive efforts
Do you think that there is the possibility that we will have a 'Torah based Monarchy' that will rule the nations, possibly with the assistance of the U.N.?

I have noticed on some Noahide sites that the U.N are now promoting the Noahide Laws to their member states (similar to how the laws are recognised in U.S. public law) is it possible that there can be an emergence of what we might term a new order of the nations, governed by a ruling Noahide system, backed by the U.N.? A kind of a Noahide world government?

I noticed on the site of the Jerusalem Centre for Jewish studies, the principal notes in one of his pages:


"© There is an absence of an absolute code of justice. Instead, this is replaced by a relative righteousness which is often corrupted by tyrants and false environmental trends. There is often no real freedom or equality, which is witnessed by unjust discrimination against minorities, races, classes and groups.

"The Universal Noachaide Code As stated in the Bible (Genesis 9:1-7) and Talmud, the Universal Noahide code is a guide to general ethics and also international relations which would remedy these inadequacies:

The recognition of a Universal, Supra-national code would replace national sovereignty.

The fulfillment of the Code would be undressed to be a collective responsibility.

The Universal Code would operate between individuals as well as between states. Therefore it would apply equally to internal affairs, and under its rule, stateless and foreign individuals would be protected.
Such a world government could take the form of a World Federation, a loose bi-polar system, or a wider balance of national groups."


Are you in line with this concept Sir?

(04-10-2011, 02:43 PM)Director Michael Wrote: Note that none of these punishments will be an issue in the Messianic Era which will begin very soon, because in that time, all Gentiles will be willing and happy righteous observers of the Noahide Code, since G-d will remove the influence of the Evil Inclination from the world.

Could the Messianic Era be the time when the U.N. is fully on board with spreading the Noahide Laws to their member states?

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