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Punishments for Law-Breakers?
(03-13-2013, 09:00 AM)amenyahu Wrote: As you know, those who the government see as criminals are put in prison. Is this a form of kidnapping? Is such a thing allowed under the Noahide Commandments?

In societies where transgressions of some or all of the Seven Noahide Commandments are not subject to capital punishment, the court system is still obligated under the Noahide Commandment for Courts of Law, to make those transgressions illegal. The government should have policemen who arrest suspected transgressors of those prohibited acts, in order to put them on trial through a fair and just court proceeding. If the defendant is convicted, the courts are obligated to apply some punishment (even if it is not capital punishment - for example, imprisonment) that will be a real deterrent for others who might consider committing those transgressions. In this way, the courts are nominally fulfilling their requirement to keep the society functioning in a civilized and settled way, in which harmful people are not running amok.

The government has the right and obligation in enact other laws that are logically seen as necessary for a proper society with proper commerce. It must also enact measured and appropriate punishments for breaking those laws (e.g. everyone must drive to one side of the 2-way streets, what is the legal definition of drunk driving, property zoning laws, etc.)

(03-13-2013, 09:00 AM)amenyahu Wrote: Also, child services are allowed to take children away from parents. Is this allowed under the Noahide Commandments?

It seems that in the Noahide Code, this could be justified if there is a real and immanent danger to the life or health of the child, if the child is left with the parents. This would be an application of the Torah-based law of a pursuer - that a person should be saved from someone who is pursuing him with intention to kill or rape or seriously physically injure.

(03-13-2013, 09:00 AM)amenyahu Wrote: I've seen police taking the vehicles of people they deem as breaking one of their laws, and other pieces of property that a person may own. Is that legal under the Noahide Commandments?

That's not clear without more details. For example, if a car is parked illegally and there are clearly posted signs that an illegally parked car will be ordered towed away by the police, they have the power to do so. Because a person is allowed to drive his car on a public street only by permission granted by the courts (based on the need for overall traffic safety), and the courts may put logical conditions on that permission (e.g., no illegal parking).

Of course, police corruption is forbidden within the Noahide commandment for Laws and Courts - for example, non-legal seizure and/or ransoming of a citizen's personal property (which would also transgress the prohibition of theft). That type of corruption and bullying by the police is rampant in many countries around the world.

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