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Punishments for Law-Breakers?
Hi Reb,

Thanx for your great answer. It helps with the forming of concepts in my head.

If I were living under a Torah-observant government, I may have more trust in it. I'm starting to wonder about the place of government in the commandment about Dinim, whether it refers to courts (the English word) or government (the English word). Since it refers to judges and not politicians, it seems to refer more to courts. Is that correct or incorrect?

I'm really not sure about the government's right to make new punishable laws. Again, I don't know if the Dinim of the Noahide Commandments matches the government or courts of nowadays. It has become apparent that the courts in these lands are not courts of justice. If the government has the right and power to punish me, take my car (which seems like theft), have me arrested and put me in prison (which seems like kidnap) for not wearing a seatbelt, or for not paying a forced/mandatory insurance.

Are the rights of gentiles given by governments or God? Take for instance, the right to travel vs. the notion that only the government can give permissions to travel by means of licenses (I haven't seen how licenses make the roads any safer, as they are not proof of competence). But that is only one example. The central question is the the rights/protections for gentiles and whether their source is purely governmental.

Also about child services taking a parent's child, in my country, the government can take your child if you don't take them to public schools or for many reasons other than the pursuer situation that you spoke.

Seeing that the present government has no fear of God and is opposed to the noahide commandments, I'm not invested in maintaining the current system.


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