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Punishments for Law-Breakers?
I am an inmate who committed premeditated murder of a fellow inmate. Is it considered suicide that I pleaded guilty and did not appeal my conviction by the court, and I did not appeal the sentence of execution? Is it against G-d's commandments for me to accept this punishment? Should I withdraw my guilty plea and appeal the death sentence? I am trying to overcome my past actions and focus on building my relationship with the Creator through obtaining the truth of what I am supposed to follow - the Laws of Noah.

This is a very difficult question. But since the secular court is not a true Noahide court, it is his obligation to try the utmost to save his life in any accepted way within the existing legal system. Therefore, he should appeal. (Passively allowing one's own death, although through the hands of others, is a branch of suicide.) G-d doesn't want martyrs. G-d wants a person to live and repent for his sins. If he sincerely believes in G-d and loves G-d, he must do anything he legally can to continue living and be a righteous Noahide.

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