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Punishments for Law-Breakers?
I used to be against the death penalty. But, now I'm adamantly for it. That's not to say life is not precious and should not be valued. It is to say this... G-d has rules, and one of those rules is (Genesis 9:6), "Whosoever sheds man's blood, by man must his blood be shed," and that is (I suppose) so He can do whatever it is He needs to do to them in the afterlife, sooner rather than later, and every second they are kept in prison is like torture to them. They should be recycled. Man should let G-d do what G-d will do to them. We just don't really believe in G-d I suppose. I suppose all this fight, all this argument over the death penalty is for our own selfish satisfaction that we are morally superior. If we truly believed in G-d, then we would trust Him to enact their fate as needed.

I think it cruel to keep people caged who are destined for G-d's punishment anyway. Perhaps us keeping them caged reduces it a bit... like time served... However, that's not the reason we keep them caged. We keep them caged because we selfishly want to prove ourselves not savages.

To hold the power of life and death in your hand is G-d-like. It makes you feel powerful. To wield it rightly makes you justified, and to wield it wrongly makes you guilty. To say "let him die" is a very powerful emotion and should not be treated lightly. However, when it is done correctly in G-d's eyes, it is the right course of action.

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