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Definition of a scoffer
I have been reading the "Chofetz Chaim: Lesson a Day". A portion of the daily readings deal with the severity of the sin of being a scoffer. I understand the modern definition of this term (to speak derisively; to mock; to jeer). Is this the same context as the biblical definition of scoffing?

On another note, I have been reading a daily selection of this book for around 6 months. I would challenge other Noahides to do the same. If for only purely practical purposes, if you cut down on the amount of time you spend gossiping, complaining, or making idle chatter, you will be amazed at how much extra time you have for more productive work in your life. Add that to the fact that G-d requires you to control your tongue, it's a win-win proposition!
(04-25-2011, 09:35 PM)Finch Wrote: I have been reading the "Chofetz Chaim: Lesson a Day". A portion of the daily readings deal with the severity of the sin of being a scoffer. I understand the modern definition of this term (to speak derisively; to mock; to jeer). Is this the same context as the biblical definition of scoffing?

Yes, this is the correct meaning, although the severity of the sin depends on what is being scoffed at. Worst of all is to scoff at the Hebrew Bible or the Oral Torah, at reliable/observant Torah scholars of this or earlier generations, at any of the Jewish or the Noahide Commandments, at those who are properly observant of their Torah Commandments, at faith in the omniscient One True G-d - the G-d of Israel, at faith in individual Divine Providence, or at any of the other fundamental principles of the traditional Torah-based faith.

More generally, some people have a scoffing nature, and they seize any opportunity to express unfounded cynical, derisive or degrading comments about other people and about the motivations that others have for following any policies or actions. This is a bad character trait, that one should try to overcome.

On the other hand, it is encouraged to take every *appropriate* opportunity to scoff at idols and idol worship.

And thank you for your good recommendations about controlling one's speech!
Hi all,

Your advice would be much appreciated. I know I may have asked this question before, but I'm just questioning myself.

There is someone on youtube who claims to be a rabbi, but he makes videos where he puts forward the notion that keeping the noahide code is "religious scraps" and that noahides should all become Jewish. I am continuing to post a counter argument myself. But I wonder if me doing this against someone who calls himself a rabbi is wrong, if I'm doing the noahide cause a disservice by challenging him. I do make sure to quote from sources like the Divine Code amongst others, like rambam and the path of the righteous gentile, but I don't want to be doing harm to the cause I'm a part of and the Deity I want so much to serve properly. But I hate to see this guy speak unopposed. And with regards to his anti-noahide videos, I don't see any other video reply to them accept mine, and I have looked.

Do you have any advice or guidance?
Dear amenyahu,
What you are doing is a true "Kiddush Hashem" - a public sanctification of G-d's Name, and for this may you be blessed by G-d in this world and in the World to Come. In the bereaved spiritual state we find ourselves in today, during this time of the "birthpangs of Moshiach", the bestowed or self-assumed title of "rabbi" can no longer be taken for granted as a certification of proper religious faith or integrity. The certification of Torah-true religious faith and integrity is steadfast adherence to the traditional principles, teachings and meanings of the Torah tradition, as these have been faithfully passed down to us from the outstanding righteous Jewish Sages of the previous generations. There is more than enough anarchy in the world today, without bringing anarchy into teachings of Torah, G-d forbid. The tradition of the Torah-based faith was provided for Jews and Noahides to learn it, absorb it, safeguard it and make it accessible to others - but not to spread distortions of it (perhaps due to ignorance or poor understanding), nor to falsify it or rebel against it (see the definition in Post #2 above). Therefore, the test of the message is not the title of the messenger, but rather the message itself (which may be subtly crafted to lead to consequences that are not compatible with the teachings of the Torah tradition).
Hi Sir,

I'm honoured that my efforts would be considered a sanctification of G-d's name. I managed to finish the whole 10-part series in one day (as in record most of it, correct it, convert it, and upload it). So that was a blessing. It may not get as many views as that "rabbi's" video, but at the very least it is there. Hopefully if people search for that guy's name in Youtube, they'll see my responses there as well.

Director Michael, a special thank you for taking the time to respond. The Good and the Great One bless you.

Hi Michoel,

Proverbs 3:34-35
"34: If [one goes] to the scoffers, he will scoff; but [if he goes] to the humble, he evokes grace. 35: The wise shall inherit honor, but the fools take disgrace as their portion."

If one desires to do a public sanctification of G-d's Name then I suppose one would do well to guard themselves too not be too positively or negatively attracted to the scoffer lest one ends up scoffing with them or in response to them.

I suppose there is so many false understanding on the internet one could run around amok all year attempting to sanctify G-d's Name via the internet and still not be done. I thought about doing this the other day because of a false teacher who calls himself a branch of "Noahide".

However, here it seams that Solomon is saying NOT to got to the scoffer but rather go to the humble and learn from them so that eventually they will inherit honor and their deeds would evoke Grace?

One Last thought is:
Proverbs 29:23
"A man's haughtiness will humble him, but one of humble spirit will grasp honor."

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