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Definition of a scoffer
Hi all,

Your advice would be much appreciated. I know I may have asked this question before, but I'm just questioning myself.

There is someone on youtube who claims to be a rabbi, but he makes videos where he puts forward the notion that keeping the noahide code is "religious scraps" and that noahides should all become Jewish. I am continuing to post a counter argument myself. But I wonder if me doing this against someone who calls himself a rabbi is wrong, if I'm doing the noahide cause a disservice by challenging him. I do make sure to quote from sources like the Divine Code amongst others, like rambam and the path of the righteous gentile, but I don't want to be doing harm to the cause I'm a part of and the Deity I want so much to serve properly. But I hate to see this guy speak unopposed. And with regards to his anti-noahide videos, I don't see any other video reply to them accept mine, and I have looked.

Do you have any advice or guidance?

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