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Charity and Tithing by Noahides
Many of the so-called "wildlife fund" organizations are actually politically active organizations, because they use some or most of the funds they collect for the purpose of lobbying politicians on environmental issues that the organization has targeted, or for advertising to influence the public's support for politicians who may or may not support certain environmental agendas.

It is important to have compassion for animals, and concern that humans should properly manage (on a long-term basis, and with a reasonable expense) the local and global environments that G-d entrusted both to the care of, and benefit for (!), human beings. G-d gave mankind the task to watch over the world and take care of it, since the whole world is a special garden that gives delight and pleasure to G-d. That includes even creatures that mankind may never discover or come in direct contact with. Through the complex food chain, those creatures are ultimately linked with creatures that do have direct contact with humans.

During the Six Days of Creation, G-d created all the animal life before He created Adam and Hava (Eve), to teach mankind the lesson that the world and everything in it was created for the sake of mankind. If not for mankind, the rest of the creation (comprising both the physical and the spiritual worlds) has no reason for its existence. We see that when G-d brought the Flood in the days of Noah, He destroyed almost all members of the  species of animal life that shared the inhabited world (the dry land) with humans, yet because of His love for the animals, He preserved a saving remnant along with Noah and his family. And when G-d made His eternal covenant in lovingkindness with Noah that He would thenceforth preserve the world, He also made that exact same convenant in lovingkindness with all the creatures in the world - that He would eternally preserve the human race (but not necessarily every specific nation), and the "natural" creation (but not necessarily every specific species).

It is important to keep in mind that in Hebrew, the word "tzedaka" (usually translated simply as "charity") also means "righteousness," meaning to do what is right in the eyes of G-d. This means that a person CAN NOT judge whether his actions and concerns are righteous and properly charitable unless he weighs his actions in the light of the universal Seven Noahide Commandments. Thus we see that in Nazi Germany, there were strictly enforced laws against cruelty to animals, while at the same time the society displayed and acted out the utmost cruelty to groups of people who they singled out for destruction (including even the elderly and handicapped of their own German countrymen). This happened because they rejected the One True G-d of Israel and His commandments. Any such rejection, if unchecked, will ultimately lead in that sinful direction.

In terms of proper utilization and development of national resources, the following videos of a discourse by the Rebbe give Torah-true advice:

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