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Prohibition of scaring and terrifying

From the Divine Code (p 440, topic 1):

"Just as it is forbidden to murder, it is likewise forbidden to harm any person, whether male or female, old or young. This applies not only to physical harm, such as wounding or bruising, but also to emotional harm, such as scaring, terrifying, or embarrassing a person (for example, stripping a person in public)"

I have plans to write frightening tales in the future. Surely the prohibition of scaring and terrifying a person does not apply when the reader wants to be scared and terrified. In that case there is no emotional harm at all.

But what about children who are too young to understand that these tales are fiction? Would I be liable for causing emotional harm to them?

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Prohibition of scaring and terrifying - by Hrvatski Noahid - 12-22-2015, 01:13 PM

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