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Who is obliged to establish righteous courts?
(03-31-2016, 11:40 AM)Director Michael Wrote: Please see the previous post, which explains that it is not within the authority of an individual to establish a Noahide court, nor to enforce the Noahide Commandments as the law of the land.

If the authority is willingly delegated to the Noahide Court by a majority of observant Noahides in my area, then I can't see the problem.

(03-31-2016, 11:40 AM)Director Michael Wrote: A court which has no power to enforce its judgments is by definition not a real court.

There are Beth Din in the diaspora who are in a similar situation to mine. They are unable to enforce their judgments in the secular courts without the prior consent of the parties involved. However, if a Jew does not give such consent, then the Beth Din makes an order that the person be shunned by everyone in his community.

Though the pressure to attend the Beth Din may be high for a Jew in such a situation, if they are willing to endure shunning, then the Beth Din has no power to make them go. Why couldn't a Noahide Court enforce its judgments through its power to make an order that a person be shunned by the Noahide community?

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