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Burial for Noahides
Gentiles are not permitted to be buried in a Jewish cemetary. Jewish cemetaries are not located near a synagogue as it would restrict a Kohain's (a Jew belonging to the priestly family of Aaron) free access to the synagogue. Once the soul departs the body no longer has any holiness to it, and acquires a spiritual impurity which must be avoided by a Kohain. Thus it must be buried in the ground if it is a Jewish body, and that is also the preferred way for a Gentile's body. (A Kohain has to avoid not only the body itself, but also the grave.)
As for burial in Jerusalem, I am not aware of any Gentile cemetaries aside from Muslim cemetaries. You would have to make inquiries of a funeral director who specializes in international burials to find a non-Jewish, non-sectarian cemetary or one which does not allow religious symbols on the monument. (There are cemetaries like this in the U.S.)

Rabbi Yitz.
Rabbi Yitz

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