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Noahide Weddings Officiated by a Rabbi
I have read about noahides getting their rabbi to perform a wedding, but the thing is that I am not a member of any synogogue. I know there are websites where you can hire people, including rabbis, for the wedding, but I am on a budget, and I dont think I would be able to find a rabbi though those websites for less than $200 dollars. I have also heard of rabbis doing it pro-bono, or for voluntary donations, but I assume this is for people that are members of a particular synagogue? Also, would any rabbi be equipped for a noahide wedding, or would I need a "noahide specialist" rabbi? Thank you.
Thus far, most Noahides have not yet become members of Jewish synagogues. (Those who wish to join Jewish synagogues, as openly declaring and practicing Noahides, should only consider joining synagogues that are true to authentic Torah Law and tradition - i.e., Orthodox Jewish synagogues.)

Noahides who wish to establish their own Noahide synagogues (which are distinguished, for example, by not having or reading from actual Torah scrolls) should do so under the guidance of a reliable Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. The number of Noahide synagogues in the world is increasing. Most notably, a system of many Noahide synagogues has already been firmly established and officially recognized in the Philippines:

Therefore, thus far, almost all of the Noahide couples whose weddings have been officiated by Orthodox Rabbis accomplished that by searching out a Rabbi who would agree to officiate for them. This is a new phenomenon in our generation, so most Orthodox Rabbis are still unfamiliar with the concept, and with the correct guidelines for this as set forth by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet o.b.m.:
The guidelines state that the essential function of the Rabbi, based on his empowerment by the jurisdictional government system,  is to certify the couple as married according to the laws of the government. If the Noahide couple wants to also have a wedding ceremony, the Rabbi is permitted to participate by leading and/or speaking at the ceremony. However, a ceremony in and of itself does not establish a bond of marriage for Gentiles. The bond is established in the eyes of G-d when the couple has normal marital relations for the sake of consummating that bond, and it is established in the eyes of the government when their status of marriage has been certified according to the civil laws of the land.

The correctness of these guidelines within Torah Law has been confirmed by leading Chassidic and non-Chassidic Rabbis around the world.

As a public service for Noahide couples who want to do this, Ask Noah International is happy to try to connect them with a reliable Orthodox Rabbi who will agree to officiate within the context of those guidelines. We also provide a sample Noahide wedding ceremony that was approved by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, which many Noahide couples have used. For more information about these resources which we provide, please write to us through our Contact Us page:

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