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Earth Day vs. Innovated Relgious Festivals
Thanks Bill and Aaron. Yes, in general it is OK for Gentiles to innovate secular holidays for themselves, such as celebrating a national independence day, or a special day to highlight something that is important for "yishuv olam" (improving the settled nature of society) - like Mother's Day and Father's Day to honor parents, or like Arbor Day to highlight environmental responsibility, if it's done properly (but not as an idolatrous concept of worshipping the earth, or making environmentalism into a religion).

But specifically in regard to "Earth Day," it's important to be aware that it was founded on April 22, 19'70, with the message “New Energy for a New Era” - specifically on the centenial birthday of Vladimir Lenin, who was a driving force behind the Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917, and who became the first dictator of the communist Soviet Union (born April 22, 18'70). In 19'90, this "Earth Day," held every year since 19'70 on 22 April, was made into a worldwide celebration.

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