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Specific chapters of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
can a Noahide use (read/ live by) chapters 29 & 31 of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch?
greenjuice Wrote:can a Noahide use (read/ live by) chapters 29 & 31 of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch?

Ch. 29: Character Traits that a Person should Train Himself to Follow
Ch. 31: All a Person's Intentions Should be for the Sake of Heaven

It is OK for Noahide to read and use these chapters. But before considering to live by any particular points (and there are many points presented there), a Noahide should have already learned the details of the Noahide Code about what he is *obligated* to follow and what he is *obligated* to avoid. Then, when he reads this Jewish source, he will understand what parts also apply to Noahides, and what parts only apply to Jews.

Also, the style ch. 29 is to present idealisms that explain general principles, but they certainly don't apply to every single individual, at every stage of his life and in every possible situation. It is meant to be read in the light of common sense. For instance, when it says that "a person must always sit with the wise," for most people it means that you should always be alert for opportunities that might be available to you, perhaps only from time to time in your situation, to visit wise people so you can learn from their wisdom.

Furthermore, if one aspires to lofty heights of righteous customs and self-imposed limitations, beyond what one is actually obligated to do, this should not be held to at the expense of causing harm or distress or embarassment to others.

Ch. 31 is talking specifically about the actions that a person does in the normal course of life, for the sake of his physical needs.

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